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Name VGA+AUDIO TO HDMI Active Adapter Cable
   Product Details:
 DisplayPort is the newest digital display interface standard introduced by VESA. The format supports both digital video and audio.

The adapter is a simple solution for connecting your DisplayPort equipment using HDMI cables to your exisiting HDMI equipment. This simple adapter is all you need to convert from one format to the other.

Note: In order for this adapter to function properly, you must have a DisplayPort source device capable of producing and passing out an HMDI signal through the DisplayPort jack.

  • End 1: DisplayPort (DP) Male
  • End 2: HDMI Female
  • Enable high quality optional digital audio transmissions
  • Embedded clock architecture to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  • Supports greater than QXGA (2048 x 1536) resolution at 24-bit color depths
  • Supports hot plug and un-plug detection
  • Supports 1080p Resolution
  • Supports up to 10.8 Gbps
  • Color: Black

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